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i get weirder by the day.

oh crap. im coughin again. i swear if i get pneumonia again, im-a be pissed off. last time i woke up in a fever sweat and lost my voice from coughing for a whole damn weekend. -sigh- ahh well, sickness is inevitable in the winter time anyway. better off just getting over with it i suppose.

mhm, so perhaps ill purchase some dayquil from now on. although i have to say that i have not felt as at ease/mellow as i do now in quite a was in some odd way nice walkin around half awake today. just like the random drager rubbing of my head to wake me up in vitulli's room. and and, nick finding himself a pair of gloves in mercedes hood and then giving em to me, and being regarded as one of the "older/experienced" girls for advice at a track meet, and er..MY NEW WAY BETTER DIGITAL CAMERA which was returned in place of my broken one which was out of stock sadly, but leaving me way better off. like that blonde stripper with that old geezer of a husband, nicole something or sure linny can finish that name for me, i'm not too concearned on pop culture references as of right now..who's nice in bed and all, but won't really be any use to her until he dies and leaves her with lots of crap, oh yeah a will! was looking for that word. but anyways..

yes, apparantly a lot of weridly awesome unexpected things are happening lately. way to go with the flow ay? now if only all you debators out there do amazing tomorrow, that will totally make my weekend. specially since i was snowed out of yemi's party..:( ahh well, good luck to you all. <3
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