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i can be quite childish at times. sorry bout that, but the random ranting makes me fell better. perhaps next time i won't post it over the internet though. that would be nicer. yes indeed.

ive been quite restless today. the majority of today was spent laying down after track practice. i've been sickish lately and decided not to let it evolve into a sickness. so i relaxed, for a couple of hours of doing nothing but receiving radiation from tv sets. i couldn't take it. so i baked a cake. i dont like cakes as much as pies. they fall apart too easily, and i have little patience. so after that i transitioned to reading my friend leonard, the sequel to a million little pieces it's good although now, i see james as being a bit of a kitty if you catch my drift, but i suppose it's good he's lost his hardcore appeal. yay for sober druggies with sucky love lives!

my shoulders are tense. i think its from the dancing eighth notes, and all the re-runs of the surreal life cluttering my head. hm, i have a random urge to watch "my best friend's wedding". not sure why. i think it's cause somehow that together forever tune has found it's way into my mind too. oi. my feets tapping now. -rolls eyes and laughs- i really hate not moving. i think im-a go take some nyquil now.
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