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as power hungry egocentrics; we'll paper fight the night away..

i saw saw the other night. was quite clever, although i already had the pleasure of hearing the ending from joe madonna last year the weekend it came was still good. it made me laugh how bad the cops, and hospital security was. it makes me feel all safe inside and totally never wanting to associate with orderlies. ever.

today i have to find the time to do my timeline..and go over some history flashcards again for the test tomorrow before i go to alphie's. i'm looking forward to it. she's one of those people who always gives the oppurtunity of cheerfulness and losery entertaining cleaning the floor by dancing on dish rags. mm. ^-^ if i could bottle up a smile, it would have her inside. ha, bottled children. im-a threat to society! hahahah. yep.

so auditions for the spring play are tonight. it should be entertaining. time to enter the hispanic world of "Bocon" with sobbing spirits, bulky folders, and crazy chain smokers! woohoo.

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