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wow, so im officially suspended from school. killer huh. i was marked absent in a class which i was present in by a sub, and got assigned an office detention which i never received, and missed saturday detention today since i was never informed. wow, cassie is such a badass. like stop her from missing her unassigned assigned detentions ever again.

yeah, so im getting to school early on monday..with my dad..and i'm gonna straighten this ridiculous shit out.

on the plus side, i had an amazingly fun time last night. the meet went well i dropped five seconds off my time and came in 4th place. which is good. and then proceeded to go to cescas in my sweats. i was so hyped i danced for like the last three hours. haha, that was a sight to insane on the dance floor..but not in that cool way, in the boy how many swinging fatalities as she caused tonight way. luckily there were only a couple of bumped knees, and stepped toes. AND I DID THE CHARLESTON WITH DAN OLSEN! haha, that made my night right there..

along with the pushy fortune teller moving her rain stick.
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