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so hold me close, and watch me as I sleep..

mhm. school is almost over, and now im almost a junior and apparantly a legal driver in the united states, who is unemployed unmotivated and unimaginably free spirited. so that is about all that is offered right now in this time and place, other than the impending doom of outdoor states, alternate assesment projects, westie, and effin portfolio. i havent taken my camera out in months. i havent written anything of pleasure for about 3. and slowly but surely im slippin in to that copasetic indifference which catches up to every here there and everywhere person eventually. and this is why george bush must never remove the arts and humanities from school, or i may have to leave the country. in all seriousness. london perhaps. because without them, that sense of yearning to create and grow is lost. and we all become calculators with meak attire, and gray stone faces. color will become lost. tis a shame. art, it's like one of those quinsiessential moments which fill you up with present life more than past or future can ever obtain from you.

i love those moments. where everything falls together perfectly. it just flows. and it all becomes right. and nothing is more true. and every second longer ties you up more and more and its beauty. mm, i've only experianced three of those moments. one of them being last night. and it takes away all the worries on my mind, and leaves me calm and composed. just sleepy, calm, and composed. and it makes everything just so worth while.
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