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god works in mysterious ways.

so last night i went to my first "intermediate" session of yoga with dayna. it went great. she was impressed, and it really was a cleansing experiance..although i would have liked it more if my clealiness wasnt so slippery. but thats beside the point.

i drove home to find an envelope on my desk. it was an acceptance letter to a summer camp thing i applied to. over 160 countries, and 50 states submit application..and only 2,000 can get in. i got into my first choice program, writing of course. it made me smile. my parents went to bed early, in a not coherent state. i swear they treated westie as their second i took a shower and went to sleep. although i half awoke to my mom stumbling in my room at midnight and crawling up next to me. she has such a big heart, and stuff like this hits her hard. especially since shes been overworking a lot lately..and once again her health is in a questionable state. not really sure whats wrong. but then again, thats how her health always is. just odd, thats all.

so i told my mom today about it, and she was happy for me. she even told me she would use some of her money that shes had put away to pay for it. its a week camp in the summer, at the uri campus. i really cant wait. and it was just the sort of catch ya by surprise that i needed last night. gotta love karma.
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