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accidents mean no one's guility, ignorance means someone's killed.

it's amazing what some sing songy, and guitar solos can do. oh music, you are my antidote to teenage drama and sporatic leg pains.

i'm glad you liked my mix terace. :) i wish i could bring a boombox to gym'd be so much more enthralling. but ay, that's what mini mp3 players are for!

mm, track meet tomorrow. i actually am looking forward to getting away on a circular sufrace for a bit. i'm running the 1000m. it's my favorite, and it's a dual meet which means another perfect chance to qualify for states. plus i've recently added some songs onto my lil music box for a nice relaxing car ride home. all i need is my fleece blanket in my track bag to lull me to sleep. it'll be a good night.

-sigh- i'm so calm i really don't wanna move. ah well, on to some vocab and telephone calls. oh and random note, somehow over x-mas breaks filled with garden salads and tons of oatmeal raisin cookies and potatoes i've lost 4 1/2 pounds? o.0 very odd. odd indeed. hm, perhaps i should write a book. cause yanno i'm way cooler than dr. phil.

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