Cassie (tommy___gunx3) wrote,

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i heart green tea.

i looked down the edge of my teacup,
and stared away at eternity..
it flipped around and turned itself to stare right back at me.
i watched the corners of my eyes
form foggy diamonds.
and the breaths of my sighs
form tidal waves.
i even tipped the edges of my perception
but it still didn't wash my reflection clean.
and a sip of forever was tasted,
yet the present still clung to my lips..
so i sat and swallowed
the taste of the future with haste.
but nothing filled in the gaps of breath that were taken
while the caffeine was pouring into my veins..
so the water turned cold like december,
and my grip hardened up like frozen trees,
and in the end all that was left in my teacup
was just a lonely ol' image of me.
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