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gosh darn you elliott and your pensive underlying tones..

so yes, i have succombed to a livejournal addiction. i thought it was dead and over with, but alas i am here typing up random thoughts to clear my mind of randomness so i can sleep and not wake up whispering zimbawhe, or in a restaurant with no people. being permiscuous. or something odd of that sort. -deep sigh- yanno i never wear the same socks, even when i try. like now i have one grey toed, and the other with a pink line. i think its subconsiously symbolic for something..other than my lack of spelling and organization skills. in all actuality i do feel mismatched..80-85% of the time. like things are going good, but it seems like bits and pieces from another's life, and not my own. or like i'm taking someone or something away from the potential of a greater meeting.

i think i have come to the conclusion that i will probally end up being one of those crazy split personalitied old ladies..who likes to wear sun hats. ha, but its okay. cause ill drag lepps with me so she can rattle on, and linny so we can increase the bustline of the room, and court so we can have some old age romance, and terace and her cane with her crush on that good lookin orderly..and yeah, totally rip off golden girls, and sex and the city all at once!

wow, i wonder what its like to be sane. hm. ah well. off to bed.
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Dear Cassie,
You watch too much t.v. and listen to too much indie music. But I'll still be your friend.


April 20 2006, 16:07:47 UTC 12 years ago

sadly yes.

but im glad that our friendship sails above my bad pop culture tastes.

and guess what i got my license! :o


April 21 2006, 13:03:50 UTC 12 years ago

Yay! Now you don't have to (but probably will anyway) walk to Panera and run to my house, which is on the other side of nowhere compared to where you live!


April 22 2006, 13:19:04 UTC 12 years ago

lmao. mel still brings that up. on the bright side im gonna save a lot of gas money..
Cassie! Stop replying to yourself. You're not that cool.